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Website Maintenance.

Making sure your website performs.



Updating your website monthly has become a necessity for two main reasons: security and consumer behavior.
Don’t think your site is “worth it” for hackers to access? You would be surprised. You don’t have to be a big company or process online payments, or even capture emails in order for hackers to pirate your website. Preventing this can be as simple as having an experienced team keep an eye or your site daily and update it on a monthly basis – which is exactly what we do.
Updates include:

  • System Updates (when update is available)
  • Security Updates
  • Plugin/Module Updates
  • Password Updates


    Updating content regularly is imporant to keep your customers and search engines happy. However, even when you have content, updating it correctly without altering the structure of your website can be a pain. We will get that done for you.


    Mistakes happen. If you or your team made an oops on your site, we are here to fix it for you. If your oops takes more than 30 minutes to fix, we will let you know and get you a separate, reasonable quote.


    Questions?Request a complementary consultation today.