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Search Engine Optimization(SEO) v. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

11 Nov Search Engine Optimization(SEO) v. Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

The most frequent question we get at eKAT in regards to the topic of generating leads from SEO v. PPC is “Which one is better?”

 Well, like all marketing,  it depends on the business, the budget,  and the timeline. In most cases,  both can be helpful. When explaining it to clients, we put it this way: Do you want short term or long term results?

 SEO will not being you leads tomorrow in most cases,  but if you do it right (like we do), it can bring outstanding results overtime. Appearing on the first page of Google organically is certainly a rewarding feeling,  but it is also prime internet real estate. After all, 80% of individuals do not go past the first page when performing a search engine query, as SEO pros call it. (OK, maybe just we call it that).

Depending on the business and the search count of relative keywords (how many times a keyword is searched in a certain period of time), SEO can take 3 to 9 months to show significant results! It is a compound effect that builds over time as the algorithm responds to the “popularity” of your site in comparison to your competitors. Is it worth it to wait 9 months to get your most competitive keyword on the first page? Lets us answer that with a question: Do you like getting 20% – 40% more leads than your competitor because you are one spot above them on a search engine? Probably your answer is yes.

 PPC, on the other hand, is great to get short-term, relatively quick results. Depending on the client, this is a great way to promote a limited-time deal or a special promotion. Because you are paying Google to promote your ad, it will appear on top of all the searches against a beige background, or now with a yellow marker on the top left corner. However, in order to get your ad to appear there, you must know how to build an ad campaign well. All search engines that offer paid advertising work on a Quality Score system, measuring the relevancy of your ad to content of the site,  etc. Hiring an agency to manage that is a wise investment.

Before deciding on SEO, PPC or both, consult with an experienced marketing agency. Our employees are Google and Bing certified for creating and managing campaigns, ensuring that your investment is protected.

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