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Search Engine Optimization.

Links 39%

Amount and quality of links pointing to the domain as well as individual pages within the website.

Content 32%

Content on / off the website and its relevance to the services or products you offer. Uniqueness of the content, as well as brand mention, keyword use and readability is taken into account as well.

Social Media / Reviews 15%

The quantity and quality of engagements such as retweets and reviews has become increasingly important in effective optimization.

Website Usage 14%

Numerous factors on the website affect its ranking, including response time, traffic, usage and more.


Increasing your ranking on search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing for select keywords is an effective way to increase targeted traffic to your site.


We start by analyzing your website and online presence. This includes coding, backlinks, social media presence, keywords and other factors which affect ranking.


On-page optimization can include redesign, mobile responsive design, re-coding, creation of content and more. The structure, look and feel of a website hold a significant importance in both improving your website’s ranking as well as converting the visitors.


Off-page optimization is an ongoing process which includes a variety of tasks, including:

– local directory submissions

– article submissions

– blogging

– social media posting


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Improve ranking. Increase sales.

Improve ranking. Increase sales.