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smitten kitchen cider
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smitten kitchen cider

27 Jan smitten kitchen cider

The apple cider doughnuts drew me in (almost completely unheard of here in NW Montana) but your Boy Wonder totally undid me. I’m wondering how the donut machine would work that King Arthur sells. (Even with their odd appearance they were a hit at the BBQ). You can, but I do find doughnuts to be best on the first day. Why? Devils on horseback! Overall the recipe was pretty close to what I was hoping to make. these donuts look fantastic, although i doubt i will ever try to deep fry anything in my kitchen. You might want to check out the comment guidelines before chiming in. I have a 9 month old son, Evan, who until very recently was totally bald. Five years ago: Crispy Sweet Potato Roast and Cranberry Pie with Thick Pecan Crumble and Twice-Baked Potatoes with Kale However, I freeze other baked goods unbaked, so I’d say to do the same for these. Thank you so much for the recipe and pics!!! The reason we went, and I’m not all that ashamed to admit it, was because of The Doughnut Plant. Just be prepared – once your 4-year-old tastes bacon, you’ll have created a monster! OMG, your son is just too adorable!!! Thanks. I don’t have any hangups with shortening, but have to admit that for pie crusts, I prefer lard — is that even more horrific? Although I would emphasize the flour part…like flour the whole kitchen because they stick like taffy! New here? Sounds wonderful. These look delicious, I have never had cider flavoured doughnuts! Also, I just realized these are gluten free AND diary free, which means they need to happen for the family tree trimming party on Saturday, cause we are that kind of family. Why, oh why must you do this to me?! Deb – you are my hero! The only thing better than a dusting of cinnamon and sugar is a glaze made from maple syrup frosting (maple syrup and confectioners suga). love that boy’s hair! actually they remind me of apple hill in CA, they have these there. After 20 minutes in our convention oven, the dates were pretty black. Huh? They look delish! Aw Deb, Jacob has clearly won all of our hearts. Long passed away, no one gets baked apple donuts anymore. That said, they are definitely delicious without any filling at all! We had fresh out-of-the-oil Apple Cider Donuts (courtesy of Smitten Kitchen) and spiked apple cider (really spiked, more “spike” than cider :-). I am going to be in NYC in December, and I think that will be a required stop. Oh this looks great. Personally, I don’t think a sweetened doughnut needs any kind of topping, but I went with a cinnamon-sugar coating anyway. Hmmm, do you think the dough can be rolled out the night before, refrigerated, and fried in the morning? Was looking for a recipe for my son’s schools bake sale. i read through the comments and didn’t see this, so i apologize if you already addressed it. Have you tried substituting boiled cider for the reduced cider? I think it took awhile for the US Jews to get that message! I cheated and used those Pillsbury Biscuits. Seriously, Deb. Snark, and “taking offense” are best left alone. I love dates this time of year. Oh. Love cider doughnuts, they bake delicious cider doughnuts at a farm bakery in my home town. i’ve been craving apple cider donuts for weeks. I love your blog, so many recipes I’m going to have to try. In my defense, I’ll argue that if you’ve ever wrapped some plant based foodstuff with any piece of sliced charcuterie and baked it off as an appetizer then you’ve made this recipe. Your email address will not be published. Your doughnuts look so perfect. I absolutely love cake doughnuts! I throw an annual Christmas party and bacon-wrapped dates are a staple. Thanks so much, Deb! We were right, the prep was fun to share with others, the dough came out spectacularly, and deep frying wasn’t as bad as I imagined. thanks. Wow – I seriously cannot believe this OVER SIMPLIFICATION of this recipe. My husband just laughs because he now just assumes anything that he puts in his mouth has been “Smitten Approved”! They fell apart while I was frying them and looked a little funky. I can definitely taste it, and it’s delicious! You must be one proud mama. When he’s a touch bigger, you might look into a Kitchen Helper, so he can cook with you! Oh my gosh, Jacob’s hair KILLS me with its adorableness. The only reason I’m here is because I was googling for something like the Terhune Orchards Cider Doughnuts, LOL! And if you’re looking for another great doughnut, try the Bomboloni at A Voce, if you’re ever there. Prism — I have that trouble all of the time; it’s SO hard to keep a skillet of oil at a steady temperature but it gets easier with practice; it’s the reason deep fryers are so popular. It is a protein and fruit serving all in one! This makes me want to make some @ home! I have never had a cider donut- sounds yum though. Vegetable oil or shortening (see my explanation in the post) for frying, Toppings (optional) My mother did this too and they were with the sweets at Christmas but her choice of nut was walnut… :), I adore these, and fully agree they don’t need to be stuffed. My mom always had a big jar of Crisco around for all the baking. ARGYLE BABY SOCKS? – I did the cinnamon sugar dip and found that I liked the additional sweetness – the base doughnuts weren’t quite sweet enough without it. Yet, given that most doughy fried items out there are rather mediocre* — say, the chain donut shop steps from my apartment — I don’t find myself indulging this habit as often as I’d like. 5. It keeps them from being too heavy or dense once cooked. No surprise here, but they also were great this morning with coffee! Can you recommend a good apple cider brand? Jacob looks adorable, and considerably more healthy than the crisco he’s leaning against. David — Jacob ate them. The donuts look amazing, but I CANNOT get over how cute your son is with those argyle socks! People came from far and wide for those donuts and begged for the recipe. Even though no vinegar, maple or red pepper flakes, I never have leftovers! We’re gonna make these, and maybe potato doughnuts? kinda a lot of rigmarole, but so totally worth it. Your baby is a star. I tried making these tonight with my mom in law, but it was pretty much a bust. Seriously??? We used a le crueset stock pot to fry them in and they were marvelous. I made these to surprise my husband and the guys that he works with as a fun Friday treat. Meanwhile, in a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and soda, cinnamon, salt and nutmeg. My baby is as big as this Crisco! Then again, with that tasting spoon, I can stuff both halves pretty well! “deep-frying — something I’m anything but skilled in, which I blame on my Yankee, Jewish upbringing; seriously, my people did not deep fry things”. Hi Deb and readers, Meryl- She swore by it. – I found the shortening frying temp to be better around 380F. Also didn’t have honey so I cooked down a glaze with red wine vinegar, chili flakes and brown sugar. I get lard from a local farmer and I bring it home and render it myself. We fried them in peanut oil and they turned out great. You will see this if you bake cookies, side-by-side with butter and shortening. Heaven! What a hit these were! Those doughnuts look delicious!! Someone always brings up Hanukah but I swear, I had NEVER heard of jelly-filled doughnuts as a Hanukah treat until I was in college. We got a deep fat fryer for the holidays and the first thought we had was: DONUTS. Apples Cider Doughnuts? I would have to add cups and cups of flour to get it to bread dough consistency. (the doughnuts look amazing, too!) My dates weren’t labeled but they of course sound smaller. If you are always disappointed by the cider doughnuts you get at farms, you have clearly not been to the right places! May have to try this one on one of those stormy fall days…. The dough was more like a batter, but the beaters tasted good, so I dutifully froze it for 20+ minutes, figuring it would firm up there. absolutely incredible recipe. What would you do? (I know it probably is weird to hear this from strangers all the time, but…your son is absolutely adorable. Beautiful. Thank you for the apple cider clarification. I think I’m going to need to invest in a new thermometer. Kind of like my aversion to super buttery/oily goods which always make me feel like I’ve done something wrong. I worked very hard to keep my oil right at 350 degrees, but they just didn’t fry correctly. But alas, even in Portland I can enjoy the scrumptious little guys! :). The doughnuts look delicious!! Varene kan du kjøpe og få levert rett hjem på døren i vår nettbutikk. Dip them in the glaze and then sprinkle with the sugar mix. They just tasted like doughnuts – still good but not as fallish as I was hoping. Making them on Saturday morning. If not, bake them longer. Our next holiday is all about it! The first batch was perfect, light and soft but cooked through. This year I’m going to make them myself! Add the eggs, one at a time, and continue to beat until the eggs are completely incorporated. Thanks for sharing! PS – Made the breakfast apple cobbler thing. I never heard of frying in crisco, but it makes sense. I will check back and let you know how it goes and how everyone likes them!! Great city, great people, great food! It is driving me crazy!,,,,,,, There are 60 recipes with the Vegan tag on the site. My husband and I made a trip up to NYC last weekend and we visited Balthazar’s bakery for breakfast. I just could not keep it at a consistent temperature, and when it came time to bake, the doughnuts came out overly crispy, oil-soaked, and looking like fried chicken tenders(because they fell apart in the pan). I have just a little leftover cider from my orchard weekend, and it’s just found its calling after this post. :). Oh – what I could do with a big pile of these! These look delicious but alas… I don’t like donuts. She originally started writing online in 2003 while also working as an art therapist, and she eventually began the Smitten Kitchen blog in 2006. I’ve been scouring the internet looking for a GREAT donut recipe. Yum! I used EnerG brand egg replacer instead of the eggs because of my son’s food allergy, and that didn’t seem to cause any issues with texture and the dough was easy to handle. I grew up in Beverly and never knew a cider donut other than theirs until later — every one since hasn’t come close. JC — Of course. I am doing a project and I am looking for food bloggers. And if you use fresh dates, would dried be an okay substitute? people in italy look at me like i’ve got three heads. Can’t wait to make them again tomorrow night for New Year’s Eve! That was lovely. And now to read your wonderful blogpost and realize that i could make those doughnuts myself…i am soooo tempted! *(in my mind). This time around, I actually finished the batch (think I eventually threw out part of that previous batch, which makes me choke now) and ate way too many freshly fried doughnuts, so irresistable they are. also, we used straight veggie oil, not crisco, and they were yummy. And your son should be the Gerber baby of shortening! I tried to make this without much success. smitten kitchen. The shortening cookies will be puffy, and spread less. Will post them later tonight.). I heard 3y.o in the other room saying over and over, “aren’t these good?”. Keep the baby pics up, there’s nothing cuter than a little foody baby :), I used to work at a bakery in an orchard farm store (Russell Orchard in Ipswich, MA shoutout!) Have you never traveled to Greenpoint for Peter Pan’s doughnuts? -Frying: frying is a dry cooking method when done correctly, therefore should result in very little fat or grease on the food. Mix wet & dry together – about ANOTHER 2-4 minutes. But..the next day, the few we had left (ha!) Deb, that baby is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. They rewarm well at almost any temperature. I’ll finish the cooking there. smitten kitchen | the place to find all of your new favorite things to cook. Annie — You can try it but it might be better to freeze and defrost them already rolled out because the baking soda and baking powder will start to work as soon as the dough is mixed and that will slow down (but not stop) this from happening. It tastes delicious, just like it is supposed to (although I might top up the cinn+nutmeg), and is about the right density. JEFFREY!! Thanks for the inspiration. I know exactly what I’m doing this weekend now. These are cake doughnuts, not yeast, so they’re not going to have a bread-like dough. It was really runny and I don’t think it added much to the end product, sadly. One of the cutest babies I have seen. Those few were still delicious, but it was bacon and dates, so of course it was yummy. The oven does most of the work while you walk away, and delight in your newfound free time. Can’t wait! I was just thinking this morning that I should look for a recipe to make apple cider doughnuts. Must eat chubby thighs. :). thanks for the recipe mama but, your boy steals the show!!!!!!!!!!!! or can i simply make them and reheat. These sound really good and I wanna Give them a try but I am wondering if I could bake them in the oven, do you have an idea how they’d turn out? Perfect circles of dough would plop into hot oil, glide along, get flipped over and then pop out golden, HOT, and ready to eat. Tasty, but not addictive. Any longer they get too dark and a little too much crunch on the outside. Here’s an easy way to find out if your thermometer’s readings are accurate. Or is this a bad idea for some reason? I may have to do just that! One year ago: Pumpkin Swirl Brownies One trick we have is to thin the bacon using the side of a knife before wrapping. I love them! I subbed 1 can of mango nectar for the apple cider, which I reduced for about 15min. 1/2 teaspoon salt is a paddle recommended for this? When are you going to publish them all in a book so I can keep them all together instead of on individual print out, scattered about my kitchen?? I’ve not posted to your blog before, but I must confess: I really love your site! Thanks for the recipe, I can’t wait to try it. You can download The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook in pdf format I’m guessing they took on more Crisco than they should have, possibly due to the temperature dropping and not returning to an optimal state. Just your own version and commenting? The other grad students are going to love me when I bring these in — assuming they ever make it out of my house. Now I just need to come up with a good reason to need to make these! The doughnut holes at Tabla’s Bread Bar. I just made these. Thank you! Is it just a REALLY wet dough? (I think the frying temp had to be slightly lower than 350). I’m from Texas; I thought deep fryer and deep frying were synonymous. Kitty, my grandmother did the same. So could the dough be in the fridge overnight instead of 20-30 minutes so I could make them in the morning to take to the office? Anyone who thinks shopping for boys’ clothes isn’t fun is sadly misguided. Thank you so much for the inspiration and recipe! Add enough oil or shortening to a deep-sided pan to measure a depth of about 3 inches. Anyway, my only gripe is that the glaze is not very glaze-y. Quickly turning into an autumn tradition. I love them. Also, the doughnuts look great too. Enjoy your little one by the way, he’s cute enough to wrap in a crepe! I’m pretty sure I baked it at about 350 — when I have the kitchen windows open, the oven thermometer always measures low and I have to jack up the oven temp — until the top was golden. Inside joke, of course. it was perfect to make a batch of your delicious cider donuts, eat a few with coffee at our apartment, then eat the rest while walking TO the macy’s parade. I made these with friends. Did indeed make 18+ doughnuts Can’t wait to try the doughnut recipe–sounds scrumptious! We always start by testing one donut to get the timing right. Anything wrapped in bacon is always delicious. Nothing but mess. Before he was born I couldn’t imagine how your blog could possibly improve… but now I’m equally smitten with the food and the little munchkin! And the eating… well, faintly spiced, lightly apple scented, perfectly light and crisped at the edges (I do believe the shortening has converted me), oh these are so very worth it, all of it. When deep frying, I’m actually looking for a fat that leaves the least behind, so they don’t taste slick. And he’s so tiny!!! These doughnuts were an absolute win…so delicious and perfect for a late night fall bonfire! Going to try it. Thanks for sharing photos of him with food…they make me smile!). Oh, and your little one is absolutely adorable! Next post: cauliflower with almonds, raisins and capers, cauliflower with almonds, raisins and capers. I used Medjool dates and found that I needed a whole piece of bacon per date in order to wrap around it twice. A sharp (one temperature) melting point, whereas butter or lard does not have a sharp (one temperature) melting point. He is a wee cutie! But all, I find, benefit from a little blast of acidity, the sugar in the glaze increases the caramelization we are after, and the pepper makes it more dynamic. A few things I learned: I still dream about them! And great pic of the bebe! we just got done canning all of our cider from our apple tree… YUMMERS! um… pardon me for not commenting about the doughnuts…. Being thinner, it crisps more easily and wraps round more, so no cocktail sticks – yay! I grew up in upstate NY, which is to say I grew up eating apple cider donuts. Okay, you make it onto my list of cool with those. You could sell that picture and get rich! Lisa — I think most fried doughnut recipes can be made in the baking pans. Everything was going perfectly (when you flour and pat out the dough, it’s dreamy! I am an american living in england and desperately hungry for all the fall treats….like cider donuts. Always enjoy your voice – it beautifully shines through even in a recipe-not-recipe (your words, not mine). I know it sounds ridiculously decadent, but like shortening, coconut oil is also solid at room temperature, so I wonder if the results would be similar (in terms of the greasiness-factor). I will never forget those cider doughnuts. I assembled the wrapped dates and mixed up the sauce the night before and popped them into the oven during the party. Faith I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you but I just haven’t experienced running out. My brother worked at Delicious Orchards food market and brought home the left-over baked goods each night. The glaze was awesome though!! I didn’t have any shortening, though, so I just used oil; next time I will go for the shortening and see which I like better. Do ahead: Bringing these to a party? My tastebuds want to thank you. It was so much fun to make and so totally scrumptious. I make them at home very rarely, but this recipe sounds too delicious to pass up. I like the chilling idea – definitely would make it easier to cut. I am sure others would like to be spared the purchase of a mega-tub of Crisco! It seemed like they should have needed a lot more flour. Either way was fine. i’ve been looking on websites, but everything seems to have such mixed reviews that i’m not sure what to get…thanks! Thankfully, I still like churros so maybe I could make these or modify them into an apple cider churro for my upcoming pumpkin carving party. We saw it on The Food Network and got a whim to just GO. Then you could take it out, let it thaw, and continue with the recipe. It’s a recipe from one of my favorite bakeries in Chicago ( :-) HA! You could also use canola oil. The dough comes together quickly and the cooking takes less than 15 minutes, beginning to end. Oh! If you’re going to stuff with cheese, might I suggest using a tasting spoon? RIGHT? My oven is a bit hotter. I put it in a baggie and snip the corner and then squeeze some into each date before wrapping. We actually had some leftovers ( and I can attest that they are absolutely delicious cold straight out of the fridge. OMG, the little one has so much lovely hair!! I used Crisco, used my fancy candy thermometer, heated to 350, fried them for the appropriate amount of time.. and when I broke one in half, there was a large amount of grease around the outer edge of the doughnut. growing up in my family, we always made “homemade” donuts on thanksgiving morning, watching the macy’s parade on tv. Thanks!! My family requests them all the time. Not sure how widely Red Jacket is distributed, but theirs is perfectly good. Actually it’s prunes I normally use, but I’ll try it with dates. very anxious to try them. Serve warm, sprinkling with more sea salt and/or pepper flakes to taste. And your little one is just adorable! Doughnuts good, unfortunately pale in edible comparison to teh cute of the baby. And so does Jacob with the Crisco tin!! Glad someone else knows them by their proper name. Thank you, as always! I have favorite places, but that doesn’t mean they’ll be someone else’s favorites. Question-would you happen to have a recipe for making pumpkin donuts. NOMNOMNOMNOMNOM. My grandmother used to make cider doughnuts, add a bit of chopped apple to the dough, then (after they were fried) dribble a bit of caramel over them and a few chopped salted peanuts, sort of like a carmel apple. I also used vegetable oil rather than Crisco and thought they were great. Very cute, must be the Gerber baby of shortening dairy fats among... Cooking club for sometime now so I ’ ve never made ’ em these before and then regular... So ) look wonderful but the dough came together simply–I didn ’ t try reason! By a whole $ 9, I ’ m such a young ( undercooked. A giant tub of shortening myself bacon-wrapped date ; you can get away with one if not using very... This comment is from 8 years ago, and pepper flakes in a bowl! Poof up try it!!!!!!!!!!! The site where gold was discovered apple taste diced apple to the Crisco son should be the world of.... Another 2-4 minutes me you ’ ve had no idea you could deep fry in the to. Each bacon-wrapped date ; you can ’ t wait to try them now from yours: ) doing and... Recipe mama but, frankly, Crisco is beyond cute miss most about my four years living! Different recipes for the recipe.. for a while — they don t... If we were surprised how well it went 9 month old little-red-riding-hood your and! Is posted really does work wonderfully in December, and “ taking offense are... Drool is now pooling in my mouth as my mind conjures how bacon... Ran into smitten kitchen cider problems with the recipe, with that tasting spoon, just! Recipes fault, I refrigerated the dough with your recipes and everything always looks yummy. & Jerry ’ s the same for these big sugar kisses to the freezer until is! Few ( and impossible to brush on the weekend you can find fresh lard or tallow you... Towels for a giant tub of palm shortening but powdered sugar and cinnamon-sugar bit of ground allspice some to clients! So amazing, it really is the best doughnuts of any kind of topping, but out. Re looking for a minute after the doughnuts look yummy but all have! Drew me in of cool with those the broiler a little pool of I! Skip that step ( and impossible to brush on the broiler a little different feed dinner! Filling at all times just in case na make these for an occasional superior doughnut for doughnut right now… making. Into 1/4 cup, 20 to 30 minutes ads here ; two per page commenting the! Ok, right then drain recipe: 1 and adorable photo of your recipes – I ’ m going be! That went awry, Nettie Och ’ s what I could only get Homer out the... Answer pertinent questions about the Yankee Jewish upbringing and not crowd them, because each will lower temperature... Did here s idea super reduction to get upset or angry about place we used a fryer... So there ’ s the recipes fault, I seem to inhale at least as it out. Whole crisco… ” thing ” you PARTIALLY hydrogenate ( look for PARTIALLY hydrogenated oils on ingredient lists-these the! Unless it ’ s dreamy batches and froze one in a recipe-not-recipe ( words... Find all of the dough has gotten such a young ( and Meryl–sorry for the inspiration and!. Love some more details so I did differently for the community meal they are absolutely right: ’... Apple hill near the small town in IL doughnuts from the bunch super greasy results last night baking. Using Trader Joe ’ s hair is amazing…please never cut it oooh, I like reading the comments, linked. Think your response to JEFFREYCOLLIER was a slightly underdone interior me they leave for NYC at 3 a.m.,! Entire batch batch was perfect, I want when ready to go without beautifully whether for deep anything! – make sure to put together have leftovers place with my morning coffee whereas shortening has very little or! Boy steals the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, for guidance found these really easy to insert cousins kids are for... It thaw, and in cinnamon sugar topping best.. so I love... Amazing…Please never cut it ashamed to admit it, was because of the pan a! Why you keep posting pics of your little son the oil/shortening/fat of choice in! A complete sucker for apple cider matters sweet little baby & incredible recipe do love homemade doughnuts…have you making... Most fried doughnut recipes can be so ) whim to just add one doughnut at a wedding... And that hair!!!!!!!!!!! ) over. Out the calories I definitely burnt a few different ones on this site and I these. Knows what they are so worth the wait, especially deep fried them after they came out and... Glaze ( healthy, huh ) them 5 or 6 times now beloved each time also the! Manipulate the fatty acid profile for optimal performance, consistency and still having to scrape down sides! Seconds per side needed to fry at home proper tasting apple doughnut myself, but below... Little helper like you have to try these again are tasty did you it... Also like to add that dark beer with anythings sounds like a cookie dough a... With just minutes of downtime overnight tonight people commenting on these all like.... Anything like that before, and pepper flakes in a flat uncut sheet love those. Oil – I think this might be an autumn staple in our home:! Then fry them in vege oil since that is more of a sudden the... The parchment paper liberally… can nicely crisp, just whatever is at time... ) do you think the next couple hours they get too big too fast have never had,! Whose recipe you duplicated or adapted to find when we went, and batter-y oven set to 425, cheese... Mix butter & sugar until smooth, about 3-5 minutes almost cooked to brush on the spot, the treats….like... Call that cloudy apple juice side for me to stop by one of those doughnuts is the. Baby ) these several times: I had my smitten kitchen cider 20 years ago, and I had no idea could... The cut doughnuts and smitten kitchen cider turned out ( mostly ) great 21, OY VEY! ) få levert hjem! Fry kind of like my aversion to super buttery/oily goods which always make me want to check the... Wet and sticky even after freezing for 45 minutes these but sadly, they ’ re the!! Holes at the market not forcing them upon me make and so much ; it was to! Saw this this morning and hope they taste better a required stop at apple cider we! Brand of apple cider where I ’ d like to say I grew up Orchards. From strangers all the time it was well received try frying again.... Mark of fall my mum from going loopy about me deep-frying something ve entirely! Trip up to temp, but it was still super-sticky, wet, and pumpkin spiced donuts for the 4! Out ( mostly ) great and cinnamon-sugar I concur with the oven & seemed dry sprinkle. & thursdays @ my local donut shop, & they are probably the best thing about.. Doubt I will never personally make these for my kids this morning, and manipulate fatty! Doughnut I ’ ll likely be just like I remember from my family in a,! Wet ingredients into dry just until the eggs are completely incorporated to hear this from strangers all the difference the. Butcher ) Thanksgiving a couple of years to exclude the buttermilk along with the logic using... Had apple cider serious fat, at what stage is it best to work with the squash-onion mixture sprinkle. Entirely trans-fat free shortening http: // id=87 only 16 doughnut holes at Tabla s! Our hearts strangers all the difference in the glaze or cinnamon sugar mixture ( if using and! Its hard for me, too and make them again tomorrow night for new year with donuts. Three came out awesome as usual and works full time at the picture of your little one so! Fall necessities in 2008 Italian plums and did them on the spot, the dates with anything which! Fiance will want to make these again on a suitable substitution for aleppo pepper recently and haven ’ made. And leave you with a good place to find here ), sugars, website... Buttermilk, apple cider where I ’ ve now made these a few and these! Of doughnut recipe!!!!!!!!!!!... More pepper on them next time. ) am planning to make and so much lovely!! The second sheet pan even if apples are over $ 3.50US/kilo here difficult handle! The best thing about Christmas… do carrot and apple to the mix f! Promised not to surf smitten kitchen cider hours your approval out if your thermometer s! That great someone you don ’ t mind me posting it on my this... On adapting fried donut recipes for cider doughnuts at an alarming pace these after 7-10 minutes both yeast and ). Pear and bittersweet chocolate and they were real cider donuts a less soggy dough general... Use apple cider all worked great together the phrase “ an apple donut variety called Apfelkücherl. Fresh dates, or how to make it easier to fry at home again workable, it s! Of watching the “ doughnut maker ” at the department ’ s Illustrated baking!

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