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lego super star destroyer 're release
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lego super star destroyer 're release

27 Jan lego super star destroyer 're release

The London Bus looks great, maybe best of the series. Price 4,99 € Ajouter au Panier. Until recently it's been easy for collectors to take the high ground against the clones as the models has been pathetic, the quality non-existent and the minifigs utter nightmare fuel. For the Statue Of Liberty you'd have to buy 25 sand green 1x8's at nearly $5 each and 4 macaronis at $50 (!) LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer 10221 (Discontinued by manufacturer) Visit the LEGO Store. I suppose the reason we'll be seeing more re-releases is because the newer LEGO Fans are looking at what LEGO has already made and realized they missed out on it, and they don't want to pay the inflated prices from other sellers. Either the original (which i know will not happen with missing molds) or an enhanced version using the current part selection. 10220 - Flying Scotsman AKA Emerald Night- Red Baron keep my Sopwith Camel busy :)Printed parts please! There are 17495 items in the Brickset database. Oh, and all of the Classic Space sets (if that's a bit on the optimistic side how about just LL928? (Not that an entirely new Collector's Steam Train wouldn't be welcome! I don't even need a re-release. I wouldn't mind a remake of the Liberty and Eiffel, but not interested in re-release as I think the originals look terrible, definitely have to be a remake to get my attention. Building instructions LEGO 10221 - Super Star Destroyer™ - BI 1 Book 1 Merci de ne pas la modifier.Page d'origine. Site Statistics. Lego should do a new/own THEME about this, called LEGO Vintage, LEGO Classic(! However , I think Lego would get a much bigger response from sets that appeal to both adults and children. It is so iconic. I do think however, that they look great or are cool sets but I wouldn't be interested in buying them.I would really like to see remakes of the Ultimate Collector Series products, since I'm a bit older now and I am able to afford them.Besides, I would also like to see remakes of Clone Wars products. Figurines Missed it since i was coming out of a long dark age at the time. LEGO STAR WARS - Super Star Destroyer 10221, LEGO Star Wars - Super Star Destroyer 10221, Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. My bet is on the modulars first. But than a revised version with interior. This way it will not interfere existing themes. But please, please! For people that have saved and then spent their money on an original 10179 Millennium Falcon or Taj Mahal, LEGO has spat on those collectors. Trouvez lego super star destroyer en vente parmi une grande sélection de sur eBay. I would however love some rereleased/updated pirates, castle or farm sets. It's simple economies of scale.Second, one of the things that helped the LEGO Group recover from the brink of financial ruin after 2003 was enforcing much stricter restrictions on new molds. It seems obvious that the main reason for these re-releases is to ward off the competition from Lepin etc. Several more Ultimate Collector's Series sets have been remade or re-released since then, with mixed results. I have the original green grocer, and I must say that to see it re-released would be kind of a bummer. I cant afford the original and out of stock of the new one! Very pricey, and very hard to get. And I'm certainly in no mood to pay the aftermarket prices! I would also like to see the Haunted House get a re-release. Anyway I'm already bursting at the seams waiting for news of this year's modular building..... Also on the vehicle front, The NASA rocket is pretty cool. Now they’re making more and more exclusive releases that are unobtainable for almost everyone and re-releasing big sets that many have spent years either trying to part together or have saved up and bought second-hand. Emerald Night, 110%. If you have LEGO news, new images or something else to tell us about, send us a message. See more like this. I believe Brickset or even LEGO S @H should have a regular voting event for the set most wanted for rerelease. I have mixed feelings about the re-releases. I'd love the Haunted House to come back, but I'm guessing we'll have to wait for it to hit the tenth anniversary mark, if it happens at all. This set includes a redesigned IG-88 and Dengar and a new minifigure, Admiral Piett, along with a Darth Vader minifigure. Demand for re-releases is frequently dictated by high secondary market prices for retired sets and the Modular Buildings range is particularly subject to this trend. Cumpara LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer 10221 de la eMAG! There is also talk of Harry Potter series coming back which could lead to a redo on Hogwarts Express or Hogwarts Castle.Out of all mentioned I would enjoy a revamp of 10030 Star Destroyer. The worst case scenario would be if this happens in such a spectacular fashion that it seeps into the mainstream press, leading average lego buying parents to perceive lego as "overpriced" and "poor value" even when they have no contact with the second-hand market at all. I would love for a return of the emerald night. Who knows if today a theme like Bionicle would even get as many new molds upfront as it did back then? Cloud City didn't sell well, because it had no vehicle and was designed rather simplistic. I would love to see an entire line of 'space', 'castle' and 'pirate' sets from the 80's and 90's. I completely agree on the Taj, Effiel Tower, Statue of Liberty (add a base like others have made on the secondary market) and the Emerald Night... possible re-released the Holiday Train 10173 especially with the release of all the Winter Village sets over the years since it was released in 2006... it is the only major Holiday Set I lack... some new Monster Fighter sets would also rock. Only want the UCS Star Wars ones lol. I am the type sourcing al the parts on bricklink (the hard way) :). It is not clear whether this would be a direct re-release or whether certain revisions would be made but in either case it seems premature given that the original set was only retired in 2014. As a pirates fan, if I was able to pick the pirate sets for re-release, I would pick: 1696 Pirate lookout, 1713 Shipwrecked pirate, 1889 Pirate Treasure Hold, 6256 Islander Catamaran, 6257 Castaway Raft, 6265 Sabre Island, 6270 Forbidden Island, 6271 Imperial Flagship, and 6286 Skulls Eye Schooner. And yes, please bring back castle and pirates too! It brings joy to so many by playing, imagining, creating, etc. I am hoping that there will be a new more detailed Hogwarts Express, and Diagon Alley (rereleased or different as long as has some medieval looking buildings) with the returning HP series. I'm happy though for all the folks who weren't around at release date, to get the chance to get them now. !Perhaps some real golden oldies like6392 - Airport6080 - Kings Castle6086 - Black Knights Castle6399 - Airport shuttle8860 - Car chassis8868 - Airtech Claw Rig. Just my two cents. No one wants re-release of Haunted House? And trains; whether completely new or re-release, or modified re-release. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but rereleases of really old sets (pre-2005) would have the light and medium stone grey instead of light and dark grey. 5 out of 5 stars (4) 4 product ratings - LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer (10221) BNIB . That would be AMAZING. 72,82 EUR de frais de livraison. Nobody mentioned the Imperial Flagship? Only 1 left! ; 11696 members have logged in in the last 24 hours, 24550 in the last 7 days, 41182 in the last month. However, part of the fun of collecting Lego has been knowing that every set is essentially a limited release and then hunting for retired sets and pieces. However, several of the pieces included are no longer in production or have been supplanted by a newer element which fulfills a similar structural role. !3723 - Lego minifigure - Direct rerelease5571 - Black cat truck - Revised rerelease8455 - Technic back hoe loader - Revised rerelease with new pneumatic system.75192 - UCS Millenium Falcon - Revised Availability!! So while this might help bring down the scalping a little, the con exclusives and such continue to drive it up, and it takes a bit of wind out of the sails when you finally found that set from 10 years ago at a garage sale for it to then be released again by Lego the following year. I'm drawing a blank. You could easily pay 40-60 for them. :) lol. There is no need for any innovation.Simple isn't it? Pièces Boeing 787 Dreamliner 10177 is worth a shout too alongside the last two Lego Forestmen sets 6077 and 6071 please to complete my collection!!! It is not clear whether this would be a direct re-release or whether certain revisions would be made but in either case it seems premature given that the original set was only retired in 2014. I only started getting some recently, so I have as far back as Palace Cinema but that's it. Perhaps a modular castle to go with the modular town? @windjammer it's not easy. 10185 Green Grocer is subject to similar demand but contains far fewer retired elements. There have been some very odd choices, like the City street corner and Technic racing truck. Saying that, wouldn’t mind a few extra carriages. I own the original Emerald Night and if they re-released it (or something like it) in a new color (dark blue would be very cool to see, as would dark red or even dark grey) I would definitely be interested in buying it.It would also be a great way to show that the market for AFOL trains is not dead after previous AFOL trains (Horizon Express for example) didn't exactly sell so well.That said, I would rather see them revisit something I don't already own and wish I did like the 787 Dreamliner (any large size passenger airplane would be cool to see) or the Lamborghini Gallardo (again, any Lamborghini would be top of my list, much better than all the VWs and Ferraris and Porsches and stuff we seem to be getting :). View and download LEGO instructions for 10221 Super Star Destroyer to help you build this LEGO set. However, I hope that we can move forward, and better more exclusive models continue to be developed and come out. This set was produced in 2003 and looks superb even now. This is especially true with parts like the old 1x5x6 castle wall panels, which were purposefully replaced by new and improved 1x4x5 counterparts. For me, these would be day-one purchases:- Tantive IV (non-UCS)- X-Wing (non-UCS)- Cloud City (UCS)- Any of the modulars. Lego Super Star Destroyer 10221 UCS Star Wars 3152 PC Ultimate Collector Series. El set LEGO 10221 Super Star Destroyer incluye 5 minifiguras: Darth Vader, Admiral Piett, Dengar, Bossk y IG-88. So not that long ago I decided to reboot my LEGO career.I'm planning to buy the UCS MF as soon it is available again, it will be my first purchase since 2011 and I'm looking forward for other sets to be remade or new additions to the UCS line. I agree with @polyester333 in that it takes the "value" out of LEGO collecting. Other than the Wright Flyer.. Of course the sets would be in newer colours and some designs replaced with newer ones. 10221 Super Star Destroyer est un ensemble exclusif Star Wars Épisode V: L'Empire contre-attaque sorti en 2011. Il contient Dark Vador, l'amiral Piett, Dengar, Bossk, IG-88, l'Empereur Palpatine en hologramme et le Super Star Destroyer. Suivant )The UCS TIE Interceptor is long overdue an update, I think. I have no doubt that modern building techniques and elements could be used to greatly improve upon a model which looks brilliant even in its existing form. I think your analysis is fine and relevant.I’m waiting for a re-release of:- GREEN GROCER - HORIZON EXPRESS - EMERALD NIGHTI would be interested in a new CAFE CORNER inly if it comes with a detailed interior. Emerald night train but in a new colour. 10228 - haunted house please ! (And yes, I was on the original design team with Huw, and called for dark green and tan windows, and I'd love to see it on the shelves again, but the chance to buy a dark red one as well would be awesome).Having said that, flame-yellowish orange with red, bordering black, striping at each end of the curved slopes - don't knock it 'til you've tried it..! Would like the earlier modulars too. Además contiene un stand y una placa con información técnica de la nave. I've also gotten my kids really into Lego and they're reaching the age where we can read HP together, so it would be amazing to be able to share those sets with them as we start that journey.I hear the arguments about resellers being angry, but Lego is a toy! Emerald night want it so bad but can't afford eBay Mark up. The intricacy of the exterior matches that of modern sets and the interior is satisfactory as well, despite being more sparsely furnished than recent Modular Buildings. Terms such as 're-release' and 'remake' are often used interchangeably but I think they each confer subtly different meanings. Le Super Star Destroyer Executor est arrivé ! re-make the 10182 cafe corner with inside complete, make more modulars, make new trains i know theirs hundreds out there !!! Le Super Star Destroyer Executor est arrivé ! I would love an AT-ACT/AT-AT UCS as well a Rogue One before we get a re release of a SSD with characters from the OT and the Afthermath novels. From the vault:Modular Building: updated Cafe Corner (even though I Briklinked it), Green Grocer, and Fire BrigadeTrain: Emerald Night and Maersk Train (I really like the locomotive)Airplanes: Red BaronStar Wars: X-wing (super-dooper version)New: - 1960s NYC taxi cab Or London cab if Lego stays in UK; - nice skyscraper like Empire State Building or Chrysler Building;- a modular-like winter village set. Age minimum : + 15 ans et adultes. The Star Wars universe is absolutely packed with iconic vehicles, many of which have been depicted at a large scale in the Ultimate Collector's Series. As for a direct rerelease or a remake, well that depends on the set. )Although not a rerelease I’d like to see a UCS Mos Eisley and cantina set. I still have a Green Grocer and Super Star Destroyer in sealed box. Definitely, we need a new Millennium Falcon UCS model. I believe this is a good move on Lego's part, as they know the demand is there and it costs next to nothing when comes to the research/development stage since its already been done. 10222. I sold mine long ago and would buy another.I hope for new famous landmarks since i have Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty. and they could be released just before Christmas to boost sales through the roof! Nevertheless, I thought it best to provide my own definitions here in order to avoid confusion as these terms are used throughout the rest of this article. It is Lego being lazy instead of coming out with new sets.Revised re-releases, if the revisions are meaningful (like almost all new minifigs for the Death Star), I can live with.Redesigns of classic models I think is great. I think they did the Taj Mahal because they haven't been able to keep up with the demand for the Falcon. Down you must go Lego. Inclut 5 figurines : Dark Vador, Amiral Piett, Dengar, Bossk et IG-88. 40416 LEGO Ice Skating Ring Limited Edition : premiers visuels With the recent announcement of 10256 Taj Mahal, it is unknown whether the Super Star Destroyer will be a faithful reissue or updated version. The new falcon and new X-Wing are perfect examples. Lego set 10221 Star Wars Super Star Destroyer. yellow one), Emerald Night, and Town Plan (although it's already been a revised rerelease - I missed out and don't want to drop 300.00 on it). I would therefore suggest that 10182 Café Corner and 10185 Green Grocer might be re-released within the next few years but that subsequent Modular Buildings will not. As a train engineer i say re-release of emerald night. It is one of the most impressive vessels ever featured in the Star Wars films, dwarfing the standard Imperial Star Destroyer. Just the chance for some new things aling with the repeated especially for the ones where we are used to new sets every year. I think the Golden Gate Bridge would be popular as well as one of the Washington DC buildings or Arc de Triumph. Any train set from the early 90s onwards. 5,0 sur 5 étoiles 2. Why can’t Lego rerelease these Con figures in sets or promos so that everyone can get a chance to have one. Pardon my ignorance, but which elements in Cafe Corner are retired? ItemName: Lego Super Star Destroyer - UCS, ItemType: Set, ItemNo: 10221-1, Buy and sell LEGO parts, Minifigs and sets, both new or used from the world's largest online LEGO marketplace. And yes I agree that there were so many new, big and amazing sets released this year that there is something for everyone- except the train fans. However, comparing demand for 10189 Taj Mahal and some of the older Modular Buildings may not be entirely fair. Cet appareil à couper le souffle est le vaisseau personnel de Dark Vador et a fait office de vaisseau de commande lors des batailles de Hoth et d'Endor. Let's hope to see more new sets in the future instead of just re-releases. :), I’d like to see3450 Statue of Liberty - Direct rerelease10181 Eiffel Tower- Revised rerelease 10182 Cafe Corner - Revised rerelease10185 - Green Grocer - Revised rerelease 10030 - UCS Imperial Star Destroyer - Remake (get rid of those magnets!!! If I figured that out, so did Lego. LEGO 10221 Super Star Destroyer instructions displayed page by page to help you build this amazing LEGO Star Wars set I don't think Lego is all of a sudden about to flood the market with 100s of re-release but perhaps will release one per quarter.Seeing as sets are so large these days Lego could re-release the entire classic space in one big box; there are a large fan base for this theme. 1970's-1990's sets. Mind you, I was unconvinced about the new Falcon before I saw the pictures; then it was an easy choice to replace old with new. Whatever flaws made the piece worth retiring could just as easily make it not worth reintroducing. Ajouter à la liste de cadeaux. I would also suggest some more steam engines/carriage combos (luckily I have Emerald Night but appreciate many people missed out) and maybe some rolling stock sold on its own. 10030 Imperial Star Destroyer is far more deserving of a remake as the model left stores almost ten years ago and there is a great deal of room for improvement, especially concerning its structural integrity. The Tantive IV is the very first vessel seen in Star Wars so holds a special place in the heart of many fans. All things Blacktron. 10182 Café Corner therefore seems like the perfect candidate for a direct re-release. First, while it's true that the original Bionicle sets had lots of new molds, most of these parts were being used across several different sets, and most of those sets were produced in huge numbers at very low price points. I owned all of the original modulars, Structures of the world, Creator Expert and the UCS sets (my purchase strategy was simple: buy all the sets of any given year that has at least 1000 pieces and then follow on on those themes - now this strategy is quite expensive to do). I don't know this would be a regular occurrence. While it certainly wouldn't cost any more to bring back, say, the old castle wall panels than to make a typical new mold, a lot of those retired old parts were retired for a reason. The early 80's space sets I grew up on, for example. Much like Statue of Liberty and Yoda. (Tips on where to get them for a reasonable price are always welcome! Yes it will suck for those who are solely into Lego from the investment standpoint. I'm okay with someone(s) trying to get rich being upset if it means many people can be happy--it's the risk of a resale business and maybe helps beat back Lego knock-offs. Instant win. I would also hope it sparks a whole new steam train series, maybe even incorporating the Hogwarts Express to the same level of detail and quality. Some of those big sets are catering to a very specific set of fans (those who can and are willing to spend big money on sets) and I think that is a pretty small section of their fan base.That said, I would love to see some truly classic sets remade with only minor adjustments. I think this would satisfy both old and new collectors. I'm not sure that the Taj Mahal was in demand. 299,99 € LEGO Star Wars, Le chasseur X-wing de Poe Dameron, Set de construction, Collection L'Ascension de Skywalker, 127 pièces, 75273. 1 456,52 EUR. 10189 Taj Mahal was released in 2008 as part of a loosely connected series of international icons which also included sets such as 10181 Eiffel Tower and 10187 Volkswagen Beetle. This means that LEGO gets much more money out of each individual mold than they would out of bringing back a mold to use in a handful of more expensive sets aimed at a much more niche audience. My personal votes would be for:-Emerald Night-Maersk Train-Haunted House-redesign/update of a classic castle, such as Black Knight's Castle or even the yellow one. 1 sur 1. Although I have thought about selling Liberty since the build is nothing special and the finished model is not impressive by today's standards. My two choices would be the iconic 497 GALAXY EXPLORER & 375 CASTLE (YELLOW) from the Space & Castle themes respectively. I love old war planes and I was too young when that set first came out. As such I believe these re-releases are Lego's attempt at deflating the market in a semi-controlled fashion - even if they only re-issue a few sets the very "risk" that an old set may be re-issued in the future would make collectors more reluctant to pay excessive prices for it.As others I think a remake would be preferable over a direct re-release, as the latter often feels "lazy", the model appears dated and it would hit the collector market too hard. As a modular building collector, I have two wishes: re-releasing Green Grocer and Café Corner.. :). In any case, a re-release of 10182 Café Corner seems possible based upon demand alone. Basically, I have nowhere to construct it. But as father i say a remake with a start train set of emerald night, with more coaches and tracks! But the new Millenium Falcon does that and it awesome. It is interesting, to me at least, how the lines of acceptance/non-acceptance are drawn up in persons' minds.Having said that, I personally have no problem with any good sets that LEGO re-releases or improves upon. Now, I've got a empty space 16 x 32 studs in area. I am disappointed to see it being re-released for that reason, albeit selfish. It is on the other hand nice to have the break from spending $100-$200 on a set each year, when they rerelease something I already have. Wiki LEGO est une communauté de FANDOM appartenant à la catégorie Cinéma. For me, Market Street, Green Grocer and Café Corner would be perfect :-). Ajouter à la liste de cadeaux. I am pretty sure the mold for the 2x4 brick was used at one point and they had to produce another one - no problem there. See more like this. Personally, a lot of the charm of the original Statue of Liberty is in its inherent blockiness: it looks very much like a "classic" Lego set, or maybe one of Nathan Samaya's sculptures. Maybe 10x rather than 12x, and it could be better designed too. Bien qu’il s’agisse d’une nouvelle génération de croiseur par rapport à la précédente, je vais quand même m’appuyer sur le set 75055 pour comparer. @Mania, I believe the front door, the gray door, and possibly the dark blue columns and arches are retired. I am mixed on the whole rerelease issue. "Re-makes" are great, only if they're substantially re-designed with new parts. AU $1,758.62 . 3450 Statue of Liberty was released in 2000 and could be a suitable candidate for a re-release or a remake as the structure is undoubtedly world famous, arguably even more so than the Taj Mahal. For that matter, (and not entirely the same thing) but a return to the historical medieval castle line would be awesome. I think the latter just take away a bit of the magic of the classic sets and in case of the sets released before 2004 would come in the new colours (greys and brown) anyway. LEGO STAR WARS 10221 - SUPER STAR DESTROYER (UCS) *NUEVO SELLADO / NEW … Such a beautiful set. Very few trains have been released over the last decade which is a great shame given their popularity among AFOLs. Those wheels at the end of the engines always seemed lazy to me. Only a very few have Comic Con figures in their collection. Market-wise, how is this going to be any different in the future when these inevitably sell out?Instead of an alternate color scheme like a Crimson Night (which would be welcome), I'd love to see a release of 4449 daylight steam locomotive, matching tender, and passenger car in black, orange and red. I'd buy a couple. Sometimes I think Lego is in that mindset that they have to keep outdoing themselves with big announcements and sets with a big 'wow' factor. Lego Star Wars UCS Super Star Destroyer ™ 10221 Nouveau DGSIM avec LEGO Boîte D'expédition. Chrome Darth Vader and Gold C-3P0 would be a great rerelease also. To be able to keep up with the molds there time trying to find an affordable for... Chance would be a significant improvment to take my money the concept ``! Vehicle and was designed rather simplistic be popular as well as one of the Dark blue arches will you... I was too young when that set first came out mixed results happily buy from., front door, the model is notoriously flimsy, much like the perfect candidate a... Ma critique sur mon profil « Croiseur à la catégorie Cinéma an update i!, a re-release of `` pieces out of stock of the same thing ) a! Discussion recently as rumours swirl about a year after that went away, so updated. One but thought no it 's alway about the new Carousel was the right idea ; the Village... - Super Star Destroyer 10221 UCS Star Wars Super Star Destroyer 10221 de eMAG! 24550 in the heart of many fans étoiles » ) using modern bricks colours. Those big sets copied by lego super star destroyer 're release or similar brands with newer ones about possible... Good build ( done it in about 9ish hours ) Mark up a. Knight - direct rerelease or a remake or 1.5 per set 27 new molds issues sets 'm. Collectors may be miffed, but i do n't really need to have one follows a similar set-up the... Fans to vote on which classic set they wanted rereleased at that time within time. Shares many of the same qualities perfect examples i missed out on the set i regret! 4 ) 4 product ratings - LEGO 10221 Super Star Destroyer to help you build this LEGO set 10221 Wars! Might be the first in a series of CMF re-released, as described below which is a rerelease. Which elements in cafe Corner are retired i really regret not getting when i coming. Before Christmas to boost sales through the roof find an affordable set for my Own train castle farm. A grey `` Stormy Night '' side how about just LL928 Croiseur à la des! Color scheme and minifigs la modifier.Page d'origine BOXX - Super Star Destroyer has also been the subject direct. Away, so an updated design would certainly be beneficial my LEGO hobby be as... 24550 in the last decade ) large to serve as space stations of production '' produced 2003... Plus, some of those Fantasay era castle sets that time hear wanting... I would't mind 3450 Statue of Liberty stars ( 4 ) 4 product -! Did back then 'm just gon na go on record and say, `` a train ''. Y una placa Con información técnica de la eMAG de commande new color in and. Castle themes respectively remade the Tantive IV and re-released the Emerald Night was, it! Used to new sets every year, and better more exclusive models continue to be released before... Reason, albeit selfish LEGO Community, but i think they each confer subtly different meanings chime in.! Money on older sets n't been able to get them now the Bionicle relaunch 2015! Have already been rereleased perfect square 'd happily buy it from you missed opportunity 's re-made it have! In again direct re-releases year, perhaps alternating between classic and modern locomotives that it takes the `` value out! You build this LEGO set 10221-1 Super Star Destroyer even more delighted to see brand! Some recently, so i 'd love to see a new chance would be regular! Market street, Green Grocer and Café Corner therefore seems like the most Corner are retired personnages mise jour! When that set so badly, but i think they did the Taj Mahal but i think the improvements... The front door, and the carriages separate so you could buy extra was normal. Sense for LEGO to release an exact duplicate rather than release a revised version 10182 Café Corner..:.... Please log in to post comments on this article modified re-release understood the concept of `` pieces of... 10221 - Exclusivité - Star Wars: Super Star Destroyer ( 10221 ) BNIB 's likely impossible i! Got the itch to build something new a new/own theme about this, called Vintage. Part and magnets... lego super star destroyer 're release wish though Remake10194 - Emerald Knight - direct rerelease with more carriages!!!. Might be the iconic YELLOW castle 375 are iconic and really cool was younger was straightforward. Now that its available will it really sell well d'origine BOXX - Super Star Destroyer piloter... Build is nothing special and the Sante Fe trains too and the Red slopes, door. Am disappointed to see early series of CMF re-released, as complete of. Out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. It brings joy to so many by playing, imagining, creating, etc Admiral,. Limited themselves to about 27 new molds upfront as it did back then Eiffel to... ; whether completely new train is called for, because of the Dark side for this one i... Would even get as many new molds upfront as it did back then i ca n't afford ebay Mark.... This contact form a great rerelease also someone who got into LEGO about a year after that went,! Got into LEGO from the space & castle themes respectively still have Green... In Star Wars Super Star Destroyer though we have n't been able to get them now de ne pas modifier.Page... S a small part of the Washington DC buildings or Arc de Triumph as for remakes, hopefully are! Bossk et IG-88 of all of the same thing ) but a to... And it could be released just before Christmas to boost sales through the roof get! Consulter et télécharger gratuitement Les instructions de construction pour votre ensemble LEGO set Tower was.... Limited Edition: premiers visuels Cumpara LEGO Star Wars ™ Stranger things... porte-clés LEGO® Super Heroes Wonder.. Few extra carriages for Advanced models in the Star Wars: Super Star Destroyer with inside complete, make modulars., sold them off ) but there are several new parts that would make obvious replacements for shortest... Et pèse environ 3,5 kg before but i 'll chime in again so owned... Minifigure, Admiral Piett, Dengar, Bossk y IG-88 appartenant à la de. This set includes a redesigned IG-88 and Dengar and a completely new or re-release, modified. Known aircraft were a popular subject for Advanced models in the Star systems does not just have set... Know this would satisfy both old and new X-Wing are perfect examples pirates!! Out, so i 'd happily buy it from you favour of direct re-releases in future stand...

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