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jeanneau 64 review
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jeanneau 64 review

27 Jan jeanneau 64 review

The Jeanneau 64 is certainly an impressive step up for the French production giants. Space is a little tight in comparison with engine rooms aboard centre-cockpit yachts, though. But we still ran a quiet ship for the night, thanks to 860ah of 24V batteries, even while charging laptops and camera gear and running the dishwasher. As the wind whistled through the rigging of yachts nestled in Marseille’s old port, I wondered whether we would be given the chance to put this to the test. A 64ft Jeanneau that looks like a small superyacht will take most by surprise. Prestige. JEANNEAU OFFERS THE FIRST PRODUCTION YACHT OVER 60 FEET: THE JEANNEAU 64 ! Philippe Briand has delivered a modern hull that incorporates a hard chine for increased speed, stability, and interior volume. "I took the decision to turn ...read more, “What is the color of the ocean that rolls beneath Pacific trades? As Jeanneau’s sailboat production director Erik Stromberg points out: “We only need around five per cent of these owners to upgrade.”. You will be fascinated by this flagship, with her livable, welcoming deck, at once relaxing and inspiring. Offering the best selection of Jeanneau boats to choose from. The second generation of Jeanneau's NC range sets out to be an even more practical, polished performer – we see if the NC37 delivers. The doorways are unnecessarily narrow; the sinks are laughably small; the bulkhead between guest cabins is flimsily thin so doesn’t provide adequate noise insulation; the soleboards would benefit from spacers to prevent creaking; raised lockers are all too small; bedside shelves would be a benefit; and the towel rails are inadequate. Every Jeanneau Yacht is designed to be a sailor’s boat, and the Jeanneau 64 is no exception. Large selection of options and best price offers on Jeanneau 64 from the owner of the vessel. Over 2,500nm of testing time had exposed potential gremlins, which is perhaps why they were rightly confident in her ability in the conditions we experienced. Both keel options—a deep L-shaped keel or a shoal wing keel—feature cast iron encapsulated in epoxy. Is the vang really doing anything? The price of the 64 will be the primary attraction. But it’s not simply about more boat for the buck. The test boat had the popular light oak Alpi option (€12,500 extra) with dark laminate floor. It feels smart and special, and pulls off the grace of a superyacht. The Jeanneau you thought you knew has consequently changed. Jeanneau is still working on optimum winch speeds. So all the styling merits and gadgets count for little if she can’t be handled easily. The pictures, specs and the base price of €858,900 (£685,583) – relatively low for a yacht of this size and type – paint an attractive picture. The tables can be set at lounging height or dining height, or they can lowered completely to form large sun-lounges or double cockpit berths. Design-wise, the interior is impeccable. Search all our new or used Jeanneau 64 for sale. This is an extract from a feature in Yachting World October 2014 issue, In the February 2021 issue of Yachting World, Kevin Escoffier recounts the story of his recent sinking in the Vendee Globe, and Joshua Shankle tells the story of his mid-Pacific, This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Jeanneau 64 boat test – a Jeanneau with superyacht ambitions, Revealed: The European Yacht of the Year 2021 winners, Düsseldorf Boat Show 2021 cancelled due to COVID-19 infection rates, Vendée Globe rollercoaster for Pip Hare as she makes mid-ocean rudder repairs, Spirit 72DH first look: New project sees woodworking maestros embrace carbon, Ovni 650 first look: This new flagship looks ideal for long-distance cruising, 2020 Vendée Globe preview: Pip Hare and Paul Larsen’s guide to the fleet, Spirit 111: This sailing art gallery is one of the most sensational yachts ever built, Video: See inside 9 of the most amazing modern sailing superyachts, Lagoon 46 first look: Updating this catamaran is a significant step for the yard, Excess 15 first look: This vibrant catamaran can sail in the lightest of winds, Dragonfly 40 yacht tour: This cruising trimaran can do 24 knots. She is about the same length of the 12 m "Courageous" which won the 1974 and 1977 America's cup -- but she has 5'6" (1.68 m) more beam and weighs 10,000 lbs. Big boat features include halyard tensioning tracks to keep lines tidy. At 1,960 rpm, a very moderate cruise setting, our speed was 8.3 knots. Large selection of options and best price offers on Jeanneau Merry Fisher 645 from the owner of the vessel. A huge sprayhood can link with a bimini to make this generous exterior space usable in most conditions. She gave us plenty of warning before she rounded up in ladylike fashion if I took too long to identify the mainsheet button. Jeanneau has hit a solid home run here. Jeanneau 64 hosts up to 8 guests in 4 … It’s one of the things that is not changeable about the model, not that it needs to be since it has plenty of power to push this boat. Price Jeanneau 64 in the 2Yachts catalog from 950 000€ to Greece. All Rights Reserved. Some boats might make you uneasy, but the Jeanneau gave us the confidence to keep heading offshore. LOA 65’11” LOD 64’ 1” LWL 59’0” Beam 17’8” Draft 9’8” Draft (shoal) 7’2” Displ. It is reportedly rated to 45 knots, something we put to the test that day. The test boat had a 100 per cent furling genoa on the forestay, plus this small self-tacking jib set off an inner stay. Affordable yachts and motor boats for boat trips in the company of friends and comfortable family vacations For a production builder to have created a boat of this quality and size at such a competitive price point is a significant accomplishment. To starboard, aft of the dinette, there’s yet another small cabin that can be fitted out with either a pair of single bunk berths or as a proper nav office. She maintained a very steady 9.5–10 knots reaching while comfortably reefed. The cockpit is simply huge and the feeling of space is increased by the unusual truncated step in its middle, which is actually designed to provide extra headroom in … Born of a close partnership between Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch, the Jeanneau 64 features elegant lines with classic proportions. The Jeanneau 64 features elegant lines with classic proportions. She is a secure high-performer with superyacht style. There’s also an attachment point for an A-sail or Code 0 sail forward of the headstay. A bowthruster is standard and a stern thruster is an option all owners have taken so far. The heart of the craft is a proper full-sized engine and systems space with full headroom behind the companionway. The company’s latest introduction is also the entry level in this class, a 51-footer, which was inspired by the previous 54 but has been significantly improved with some smart ideas. Contemporary deck styling gives this stunning yacht a timeless appeal. It’s like being in the aft cockpit of a catamaran. Contemporary deck styling gives the yacht a timeless appeal. It is a real pleasure to helm a boat of this size from wheels sited aft, as 64-footers tend to be centre-cockpit set-ups, from which the helmsman can feel disconnected. She was built by Jeanneau in 2014. Presumably this had to do with some sort of maladjustment involving the standard four-bladed Flexofold folding propeller. Think Jeanneau and you probably think basic, economic no-frills production cruiser, or perhaps a wipe-clean bareboat charter yacht. The helm has winches within reach, the main captive on a remote button and a tidy pedestal to control the boat from one position. Born of a close partnership between Philippe Briand and Andrew Winch, the Jeanneau 64 features elegant lines with classic proportions. The 64 was conceived to be the largest size of yacht that can be managed without a permanent crew. A Jeanneau 64 yacht dedicated to providing unlimited cruising possibilities for you and your guests. Here is a yacht guaranteed to surprise. Visit sailmagazine.com/ratios, Reviewed by Amanda Balasubramanian As we were preparing for our first significant offshore passage in 2013, I read every book on ocean sailing I could find. A captive winch can also be fitted for the main halyard. EXCEPTIONAL / FREEDOM. Contemporary deck styling gives the yacht a timeless appeal. My main concern was actually the bimini attachment directly in front of the windward helm position: I worried that it might rip out during a gust. Packed within this 64ft 1in hull, the latest from Jeanneau, are a multitude of qualities that will make you question your preconceptions about the brand. This is a big vessel to steer. Our test boat featured a Splendide washer/drier, a Miele dishwasher and microwave, a climate-controlled wine locker, and a full-size floor-to-ceiling Vitrofrigo three-component fridge and freezer. The new Jeanneau 64, flagship of the Jeanneau yacht line takes things to yet another level. But she is not simply about more boat for the buck. Every space has been carefully considered for comfortable living. Our test sail was in light conditions, in a true wind of just 7 to 9 knots, and I was immediately struck by how responsive the boat was for its size and weight. Unfortunately, shortly after setting out, the boat encountered major power-generation issues. Price Jeanneau Merry Fisher 645 in the 2Yachts catalog from 24 000€ to France. The race was extraordinarily close, seeing shifty breezes, nine lead changes in just under 30 minutes and boatspeeds topping ...read more, Sailing and boating can come with a hefty price tag, but there are plenty of ways to get on the water without breaking the bank. I have a mid-boom sheet arrangement and a traditional (non-rigid) vang. Things happen slowly, but purposefully and obediently. Can an albatross remain awing in the worst of weathers?” Randall Reeves has always found images to be the most compelling part of the stories we tell about the ...read more, American Magic's Patriot capsized during day three of the Prada Cup. The Jeanneau 64 is powered by a 180 HP Volvo Penta D4 diesel. Contemporary deck styling gives the yacht a timeless appeal. True to form for Jeanneau yachts, the 64 provided steady, forgiving sailing rather than anything too spectacular or lively. Most of the area is taken up by a fantastic power-lounging pit with a pair of very comfortable high-backed bench seats ranged around two cockpit tables on electrically controlled collapsible pedestals. The mast is supported by three sets of swept-back spreaders and discontinuous Dyform wire standing rigging. This flagship is secure, fast, and enjoyable to sail. Every Jeanneau Yacht is designed to be a sailor’s boat, and the Jeanneau 64 is no exception. Unlike the old one, the new main is loose-footed. The vacuum-infused hull and deck are cored with discontinuous end-grain balsa set in polyester resin. We spent the majority of our time reaching in flattish water to give the photographer a sporting chance, but it was once we ventured out into the 3-4m swell that the 64 really came alive. Meanwhile, all the way forward in the peak you can have a simple large sail locker or a fully equipped crew’s quarters with twin bunk berths and a toilet. The new collection, with its ...read more, TO VANG OR NOT TO VANG Q: Last year, I bought a new, fully-battened Dacron main for my 36-footer. The transom is abnormally high to accommodate a RIB, A production run at this size requires substantial initial investment, so the yard will be depending on a certain volume of sales. Jeanneau 64. The Jeanneau 64 hits a maximum speed of 10 knots, but you will be mostly cruising at between 7-9 knots. Like the choice in TVs, the Jeanneau offers 10ft more yacht than an equivalent-priced semi-custom yacht. This new flagship has aspirations to be a superyacht, but for around half the price of rival luxury brands. Finish quality is well above average, and Andrew Winch has added several stylish touches—including subtle leather trim throughout and wooden sinks in all the heads—that really set the boat apart. Pinching, we made it up to about 38 degrees. Solid laminate is interposed around the keel root. The single rudder is fiberglass over a foam core wrapped around a stainless steel stock. But how much will her brand name affect buyers’ choice? Sit facing aft on the large sunbathing benches under the generous sprayhood and, apart from the heel angle, it’s possible to be oblivious to the conditions, even when it is howling. The incorporation of an engine room for the first time is a big move for Jeanneau. Sailing with the bimini stowed proved distinctly preferable, not least for monitoring the sails. And a recess is built into the anchor locker to offer the option for a rotating anchor arm. She is around half the price of other yachts of her size, which are typically luxury brands such as Oyster, Hallberg-Rassy or X-Yachts costing in the region of €2–2.5m. For example, halyard- tensioning tracks at the mast base tidy lines that are seldom adjusted, such as furling foresail halyards. Contemporary deck styling gives the yacht a timeless appeal. This includes an articulating rail system with an electric reel winch that allows you to effortlessly launch and retrieve heavy RIB tenders and other water toys. We sailed for the majority of the time with just two aboard, in winds averaging Gale Force 7-8 over both days. Sail area (100% foretriangle) 204.1m2/2,197ft2, Price ex VAT €858,900 – Test boat: €1,194,050, Designed by Philippe Briand Yacht Design/Andrew Winch Designs. © 2021 Cruz Bay Publishing, Inc. an Active Interest Media company. Two things shone out when we stayed aboard the 64: the high-end styling, and the quality of engineering and finish. This ambitious boat, effectively a small superyacht constructed on a mass-production basis, is the culmination of a years-long collaboration between Jeanneau’s American-born production chief Erik Stromberg, French yacht designer Philippe Briand and British interior design maven Andrew Winch. Find Jeanneau 64 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. This is truly a yacht with a size and sail plan that would seem intimidating at first but the design innovation here is the electric furling main with self-tailing jib and an electric winch for the main. With sails set, the helmsman can control all he needs from the wheel, thanks to the mainsheet control button and primaries being within reach. These were conditions that could ask questions of any boat. Contact Ian Van Tuyl for additional information about this amazing yacht. T he Jeanneau 64—the French builder’s new flagship built in its state-of-the-art facility—and I go way back. The 64’s cockpit is the focal point of the yacht, accounting for fully 40 per cent of deck space. The 64 has been drawn by leading superyacht designers and built by Jeanneau to an impressive quality. The Jeanneau 64 comes standard with a 9/10ths fractional aluminum Sparcraft rig with a line-controlled in-mast furling system. Compare the cost with yachts of a similar class and choose the offer that suits you best. With two berths, one forward and one at the rear, overnighters are well catered for, but it is the space and usability over the entire craft that really appeals. We have Jeanneau 64 brokers and sellers from around the world at great prices. (4,536 kg) more! Headroom is low beneath the bridgedeck and the shower area is a little cramped, but these are minor niggles in an otherwise worthy stateroom. An arch helps to give the impression of space in the cockpit by eliminating the need for sail handling or a traveller in the seating area. A cockpit arch forward carries a bridle for the mainsheet, which on our test boat was controlled with an optional belowdeck Harken electric captive-reel winch, another very nice superyacht touch. Compare the cost with yachts of a similar class and choose the offer that suits you best. I’m looking at the brochure for the new Jeanneau 64, and the tagline reads ‘an exclusive and luxurious world’. ...read more. For our two-day visit, the forecast predicted 25-30 knot Mistral winds that would ease by ten knots by the second day. The twin curved, aft-facing escape hatches contribute to the natural light, and stowage is neat and practical. Jefa self-aligning bearing gear controls a single-blade, semi-balanced rudder, which proved competent in the demanding conditions – maybe a little spongy, but certainly more responsive than a similar-sized centre-cockpit system. The cockpit, in the best super-yacht style, features strictly segregated working and social spaces, so that the crew and guests can do their thing underway without interfering with one another. Jeanneau 64 (2015-) By any standard the new Jeanneau 64 is a remarkable yacht. Jeanneau had already sailed this prototype from Les Sables d’Olonne to Corsica. He admits the interiors are not fashioned by master craftsmen, but still need to look good and be easy to put together. Walk-in engine room with a touchscreen display to monitor and control the systems. Charter Jeanneau 64, a 20.1 m sailing yacht with professional crew at BoatsAtSea.com. Owner’s cabin (aft): a smart ensuite cabin, albeit not quite up to Oyster or Gunfleet standards of space and luxury. However, a primary concern for many will be the practicality of handling such a large vessel at sea. Two days of sailing the 64 in gale force Mistral conditions in the south of France provided us with a ruthless test of Jeanneau’s flashy new flagship. But though a big, powerful yacht weighing over 30 tonnes, the Jeanneau quickly put me at ease. The forward bulkhead and floor of the garage are an integral part of the molded deck, so the yacht’s interior is always secure. All owners so far have ordered the boat with blonde oak interiors, which creates a light modern feel, but a darker, more traditional teak interior is also available. I can only assume this can be easily remedied. on the starboard pedestal. This will make sailing the boat an almost push-button affair. This flagship is secure, fast, and enjoyable to sail. Betwixt the social and working spaces our boat also boasted an optional small wet-bar sink and a drinks fridge. It allows for easy interrogation of the system, down to keeping track of each individual battery’s charge and temperature. In fact, according to Stromberg the boat was configured specifically with this highly automated system in mind. Currently the captive mainsheet control is mounted among other similar switches However accomplished her design and however well she performs, she remains, for better or worse, a Jeanneau. The structural bulkheads are vacuum-infused and are tabbed into both the deck and hull grid.

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