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Hummingbird – We Love You!

06 Jan Hummingbird – We Love You!

Social media has been the unwanted child of internet marketing for a long time. Seen as child’s play by business owners whose teenagers spent more time reading tweets than actual books, it has been a battle. Throughout our fight to help people understand the power of #socialmedia, we have seen business owners trying to fight the necessity of being on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn, etc. We have witnessed them hiring their family members whose qualifications consisted of “I tweet 50 times a day” as well as business owners who were convinced that this trend would pass. The latter seems as silly as saying that word of mouth shall pass.

Well, social media, you are no longer the unwanted child. With Google’s most recent update, Hummingbird, you are now highlighted as SEO’s close, respectable relative. Hashtags are no longer something Justin Timberlake makes fun of on SNL (we love you JT), but an actual tool to further optimize your site and generate genuine interest in what YOU, the business owner has to say!

However, this also increases the need for professional social media managers who understand what a “trending hashtag” is and most importantly, how to utilize it to properly promote your content. The death (harsh, but true) of keywords and keyword analysis is opening up more room for fresh, new, interesting, original content, which was Google’s point from day 1.

Hummingbird also shows us the benefit of working together rather than against each other. Our own SEO professionals have always focused on optimization of websites, paying little attention to the promotion of social media – just enough to make it effective for SEO. However, now that the game has changed, SEO will need to work closely alongside social media professionals to make their efforts effective. For marketing companies who do not offer either SEO or social media, this is the best time to connect with those that do. We have had several marketing companies reach out to us for SEO and social media services as the wind of Hummingbird got to them. In our experience, it is best to hire a company that offers both under the same roof – that way you can be sure that the right hand is talking to the left.

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