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Celebrate Independence – Automate Your Marketing

04 Jul Celebrate Independence – Automate Your Marketing


As you celebrate America’s Independence, it is inevitable to think of your own. The #1 thing business owners want to free themselves of is their marketing. They know they need it, but 99% of them don’t want to do it even if they have an idea how. Sounds familiar? You’re in great company.

The concept of automating marketing is very attractive to business owners and entrepreneurs, but few even know it exists. For those who do and have explored their options, they are often limited by the high cost of automation software such as IBM, Marketo and Infusionsoft. In most cases, you might as well hire someone to do your marketing for you.

Good news! You can have effective marketing automation for a an affordable cost. The programs below will help you get started, but keep in mind that setting up marketing automation correctly is what will make it effective. Simply activating the tools below will help you just as much as having a Facebook business account and not using it – not at all. Setting up marketing automation requires having a strong strategy, something we are experts in. Schedule a free 15 minute consultation today.

1. Leadin. If you have a website, you want to put it to work. The best way to do so is to have it collect email addresses for you, which then go directly into your email newsletter list. Wouldn’t that be neat to have? That’s exactly what Leadin by HubSpot offers, for free. Unlike most lead collection softwares, Leadin doesn’t only collect email addresses from a specific form, but from every form on your website. In addition to pushing the email addresses into a specified list on your email software, it also collects them on its own database.

2. MailChimp. When we are asked which email newsletter software is best to use, 99% of the time we recommend MailChimp. For most businesses, it has all the tools it will need at an affordable price, including easy-to-use templates, thorough analytics and most importantly – an awesome automation system. Creating content for emails takes a significant amount of time. Ideally, you want to send each new lead a welcome email and several follow up emails, but doing that one-by-one is not an efficient use of your time. Wouldn’t it be great if you could set up a series of emails once and as soon as a new lead is captured from your website and automatically put into MailChimp, it activates that series of welcome emails? That’s exactly what MailChimp’s automation program allows you to do.

3. IFTTT. We cannot say enough good things about this “magical” software. Really, IFTTT or If This Then That, is a lot like magic. Let’s say you want the blogs you publish to automatically appear on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter? IFTTT can do that for you. What about adding a task to your ToDoist (another awesome software) when an email from a specific email address comes in? Yep, you can do that too! We use IFTTT a lot and on average, it saves us about 20 hours per week – what will you do with that time? Check out these marketing IFTTT recipes.

As we mentioned earlier, automation is awesome. However, it can also be a big embarrassment and a headache if you do not set it up the right way. If you are not sure where to start or if you even need marketing automation, schedule a free 15-minute consultation with us today – no commitment whatsoever.

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