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Beautiful Website, Ugly Content

06 Aug Beautiful Website, Ugly Content

Have you ever looked up someone’s website and thought to yourself, “Did they have a 5 year old write this?”. Now think, did you still do business with that organization? Probably not.

Regardless of the profession you are in, your website has to reflect who you are and the last thing you want people thinking is that you are unprofessional and don’t pay attention to details. In fact, you stand to scare away more people from your website due to poor contact than poor design. This is a proven fact! People spend an average of THREE secondson a webpage – your website better be eye-grabbing and captivating.

As an internet marketing company, we get requests to both build new websites and redesign pre-existing ones. One of the most important conversations we have with the client is their content. Surprisingly, it is WE who bring up the topic, not them, which makes us think that most people do noy realize the importance of their content.

The owner of eKAT Development, Kristina Centnere, started her career in the internet marketing business as a content writer and not a meeting goes by where the importance of content is not discussed. Although eKAT employs seasoned, local writers, Kristina continues to write content by special request for certain clients, specifically those in the medical and legal industries.

Accurate, well-formed content is not only attractive and reassuring to your online audience,  but effective in searching engine optimization (SEO) as well. SEO is the process of promoting your website through various procedures in order to have your it be found on Google, Yahoo!, Bing and other search engines. Among the frequent algorithm changes, which affect how your website ranks, one constant is the need for fresh content. By fresh, we mean content that is updated on a regular basis.

Overall, if you are building your website or putting out any content on the Internet about yourself or your business, spend the money on hiring a content writer that is knowledgeable about the content you need professionally and for SEO.

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