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Back to Business: 6 Cheap Online Tools to Get Organized

11 Sep Back to Business: 6 Cheap Online Tools to Get Organized


At eKAT Development, organization is our daily top priority. It helps us serve our clients faster and more efficiently. Below are some of the business tools we use on a daily basis to help us do that.

As entrepreneurs, we tend to be ‘working’ all day, every day. There really isn’t a time where we are not reading that email, answering it or at least thinking about it. However, the beginning of September tends to spark an extra fire under us. It is an opportunity to refresh, start anew and ‘finish the year of strong’. If you are ready to close 2016 in the best way possible, you will need to get yourself organized and these six tools that I use (and love) will help you do so. Good luck!

  1. Todoist – Few things are more satisfying than checking off an item off your to-do list for the day – especially an item that moves you forward. Todoist has a prioritization feature, helping you get the stuff that really matters, done. One of my personal favorites, this is the only online tool I have stuck with for almost two years now. It is the first site I open when I get on my computer in the morning and the last one I shut down. When I’m on the road, it is on my smartphones – both iOS and Android. Have employees? How about a spouse? You can easily share a project with them for free. I use the premium features, which include push notifications,  making the cost of Todoist to be $29/yr. You can also get away with the free edition, which is packed with features.
  2. Google Calendar – Business owners tend to judge how productive their day is by how many tasks they can check off their list. But we often forget that there are, realistically, up to 18 hours that we can dedicate to work and stuffing them with 50 tasks you don’t need to do will only leave you asking, “What the heck did I actually get done today?”. What has worked for me is making a list in Todoist, making 3 to 5 things that will move my business forward as priorities. Then, I schedule them in my Google Calendar, dedicating different colors to different types of tasks. This way I am realistic about the tasks that matter and how much time I have to complete them.
  3. Basecamp – Do you work with multiple other people on projects? From the creators of 37Signals, Basecamp makes project management significantly easier and more streamlined. Like Todoist, it is available across all types of platforms, including iOS, Android, PC and Mac. Getting everyone on the same page has never been easier and depending on the size of your team, you can be paying only $29/mo to use this super-powered platform.
  4. Dropbox or Google Drive – At eKAT Development, we solely use Dropbox. Why, you ask? It’s so easy to use, even our most technologically-challenged clients can share files. Whereas with Dropbox, you can quickly create an account, Google Drive requires a Google account and is not as smooth to use as Dropbox. However, both provide the same basic functionality – sharing and collaborating on files, large or small.
  5. ScheduleOnce – Have you ever wasted 3 days, sending back and forth emails with the goal of setting up a 15-minute call? ScheduleOnce allows you to share your calendar and have the person on the other side make the appointment at their convenience. To ensure you do not double book and that you’re well aware of your appointments, it integrates with various calendars, including Google Calendar.  Best part? It’s only $5/mo.
  6. HubSpot CRM – Are you still using Excel as a CRM because of how expensive integrated CRM’s are? Now you don’t have an excuse. Hubspot’s CRM is a user-friendly system that streamlines the whole sales process with your clients for you and your team – from initial meeting to the sales contract, which can be made into a template.  Additionally, it helps you gather information on your contacts, including their company, its revenue and other important facts. However, one of my favorite features of this tool is its integration with Gmail, which allows me to track my emails and get notified when they are opened. This way, I don’t have to wonder whether that proposal was opened or not. This full-featured system is absolutely free for up to 1,000,000 contacts and users. Keep in mind that different tools work best for different businesses. We have found other viable CRM options here

Now that you know what to do – get organized!

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