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7 Tools To Create Captivating Visual Content

02 Nov 7 Tools To Create Captivating Visual Content

You only have 8 seconds to capture someone’s attention! Are your visuals captivating enough? There are many tools available to help you create a branded visual that stands out and captures your audience’s attention.

  1. Color Scheme. Unless you are an interior designer or an artist, getting a good color scheme can be a challenge. One of my favorite free tools, Adobe Color CC , takes the guess work out of picking the right color scheme! In addition to helping you find complimentary colors, it can also help you identify four primary colors in an image, choose contrasting overlays as well as fonts.


  1. Finding YOUR Color. Have you ever looked at a color in a company’s logo or in a picture online and wanted to use it as well? ColorZilla is a Google Chrome plugin that allows you to see the hex, RGB code, official name, and gradients for any color within a browser window.


  1. Royalty-Free Images for Free. Yes, this does exist. You can get into some trouble using stock photography, so sticking to sites that provide royalty free images for free is advisable. I prefer Pexels for business-related photos and Unsplash for scenic photos.


  1. Font Choices. There are tens of thousands of fonts available to make beautiful quotes. Femmebot gives you access to different font combinations and see how these combinations look with graphics and images, as well as formatting.


  1. Putting Together Your Visual. In addition to Adobe Photoshop, the two online tools I use to create visual content are Canva and PicMonkeyCanva is a great all-in-one platform which provides access to free and premium images, various fonts, pre-sized canvases for flyers, posters and social media designs. It now also has a mobile app for iOS. PicMonkey is a powerful editing tool that also allows you to match colors. While the free version has a few essential features, I opt in for the $4.99 monthly charge to get the most out of visual composing on the go.

Remember, your audience has a shorter attention span than a goldfish! Use the tools above to capture them. Questions? Email us.

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