Visiting Kripalu – What I Learned About Marketing On a Yoga Retreat Part 1 -
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Visiting Kripalu – What I Learned About Marketing On a Yoga Retreat Part 1

13 Dec Visiting Kripalu – What I Learned About Marketing On a Yoga Retreat Part 1

Disclaimer: I may change this post after I leave here on Saturday. However, I was so impressed – I had to write something now.

For those of you who are not aware of what or where Kripalu is, it is a Yoga and Health retreat in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. From massages and yoga classes to Tarot Readings and Aura Photography, this place is the ideal retreat for the yoga enthusiasts, health-oriented individuals and otherwise, upper-class “crunchy granola” folks as my dad would call them.

I should start off by saying that I am here with my mom, staying at the grand (no better word to describe it) Cranwell Resort in Lenox, MA. She asked me to join her 10 minutes down the road to her Yoga / Ayurveda course at Kripalu. So, here I am, in the cozy cafe sipping on my Gypsy Cold Care tea, observing quite a combination of colors, not-so-subtle advertising and a full spectrum of personalities. As a whole, it projects happiness and tolerance.

So, what does all this have anything to do with marketing?

From the moment I walked into the retreat, I felt a different atmosphere. The concierges were a couple of witty hippies, dressed in relaxed, yet appropriate clothes. The waiting room set up of comfy couches and over-sized chairs overlooking the hills outside gave off a laid back feel that few hotels in my rather extensive experience were able to provide. And the food – catered to the palettes of men and women who prefer no gluten, no meat and certainly no chemicals in their food. Overall, delicious.

As I made my way to the cafe, which offers snacks along the same lines – no chemicals, no junk, I saw several signs that offer Tarot reading and Aura Photography. This further engulfed me into the vibe of this place. It seems that it works quite well for other busy individuals.

As I continue to hope that this tea helps me beat my cold, I overheard several conversations – one of them between an editor of a business journal and a young man from New York City.  If I were to meet them on the street, I would not place them at Kripalu and yet, they fit perfectly here.

Is this not the experience we should offer to our customers? To engulf them into our business, into our own passion and make them belong – even if it is for the 30 minutes they spend at our store? As a marketing company, I also have to think of how to have my clients create the same experience for their consumers. Overall, it is clear that this affect takes more than just the food or the signs, but instead the combination of each little part in order to have individuals leave their busy lives behind for a while and join their temporary friends at Kripalu.

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