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About Us.

Who is eKAT Development?


Simply put, we produce Madison Ave talent at Bridgeport, CT prices. eKAT started as a lean business and we never saw a need to be anything else. Our clients benefit from our business practices for two great reasons – we provide BIG value at reasonable prices and we will be here tomorrow.   How do we do that?

  • Responsible outsourcing. Over the period of just 3 years in business, we have developed secure access to an off-shore team of coders, designers, software developers and online presence specialists. Unlike companies that outsource to a variety of off-shore providers, the same group that is working on your project today will continue working on it years later. We provide fair pay to all of our resources, ensuring that they are happy to work with us, while being able to provide for their families.


  • No overhead. Our expenses fluctuate based on our revenue. This ensures that you pay for our expertise – not our rent. We must give thanks to Starbucks and Panera Bread nationwide, which have been providing us with working space since our start.

Kristina Centnere, CEO

Four years ago, Kristina Centnere stepped away from her studies for an M.D. to start in the marketing world as a content writer. After less than a year as a freelancer, Kristina established eKAT Development as a marketing agency, which she continues to lead today as a lean company, minimizing costs while maximizing value.   Kristina is a recognized expert on social media management and advertising. In 2014, she established Total Wellness Connect, a wellness company with a focus to “Spread the Health” in the community by helping health practitioners grow their businesses in a holistic approach.   A detailed account of her life’s adventures thus far are planned to be released in an autobiography, “Confessions of a Young Entrepreneur”, in early 2016.


We look forward to working with you.